Cardiacs mention on BBC radio

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Cardiacs mention on BBC radio

Postby Stoneage Dinosaurs » Mon Jan 31, 2011 17:49

Cardiacs mention.

I just got Amy Lamé to mention Cardiacs on BBC Radio London on Danny Baker's show, which nowadays due to Danny's poor condition is hosted by Amy and Gary Crowley.
In response to their question on air & on their Facebook page "Who would play you in a film of your life & who would do the soundtrack?" I responded on their facebook page with "Actor: Suggs. Soundtrack: Cardiacs"

And of course Amy put a THE in front of Cardiacs eventhough I hadn't written one. I did however
like the appreciative yet slightly shocked response from Crowley and Amy when Amy said THE Cardiacs. :D They both clearly recognised the name! So, that's something at least :D