There now follows an announcement from Cardiacs guitarist Ka

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There now follows an announcement from Cardiacs guitarist Ka

Postby Alternate BC » Sat Jul 18, 2009 17:35

There now follows an announcement from Cardiacs guitarist Kavus Torabi

As you may have heard, I have a new group, Knifeworld. I think it will
be 'well up your street, innit'. Musically you should find it familiar
enough territory, ie: pretty 'out there', dense arrangements, quite
catchy etc. There are a number of special guests on the album who are
known to you.

The Knifeworld single Pissed Up On Brake Fluid is released on Monday
July the 13th. It's like a driving rock song, or something. You can
order it on 70 gram 7" vinyl with a lovely and atmospheric 'taut'
sleeve, or download both sides of the single on iTunes.

The B-side, Happy Half-Life, Dear Friend is notably different to the A-
side, although it is of a similar length. About four and a half
minutes. It does not appear on the forthcoming album. It is very

You can now also pre-order Knifeworld's fantastic album, Buried Alone:
Tales Of Crushing Defeat, on the format of YOUR choice.

Perhaps you'll choose the 'crystal quality' of the triple gatefold CD.
All the beautiful artwork rent amazing on an unique digitally
encrypted disc. Maybe you're more in tune with 'the old guard' and
wish to own your uncompromising psychedelic albums on vinyl. Buried
Alone: Tales Of Crushing Defeat is available as a 180 gram, gatefold
sleeve LP.

NOTE: So called 'modernists' may also choose to go with this format as
it comes with a free MP3 download of the entire record.
CDs are going for £8.99, while the sumptuous LP retails at £12.99.

So, you're a 'download freak' are you? Well then you'll have to wait
till the actual release date (August 17th) before you secure your copy
either through iTunes or any one of those other download sites. It's
available through all of them.
Shoppist are you? Like to buy your LYSERGIC ENGLISH POP in one of
those archaic music stores, independent or otherwise, of your choice?
Knifeworld's Buried Alone: Tales Of Crushing Defeat is distributed by
Genepool through Universal and available in whatever record shops are
actually left.

This is where to go to in order to secure a copy without leaving your
house/ library/ 'internet cafe' etc:

Knifeworld will be performing as a live band in London on Tuesday
August the 18th at 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL.
Members of the group may be known to you.
Doors 7.30pm - 11pm
Tickets £5 adv from or £6 on the door

Why not become a 'digital friend' of the group? You can access
information and news about Knifeworld at the following social
networking sites. Find out what 'they' are saying.

Many thanks for your continued support.
Lots of love,