Conditional Love (least favourite songs)

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Made Of Worms
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Postby Made Of Worms » Wed Jan 17, 2007 23:00

Whaddyamean Now? It was something like my fifth post which said something like "I can think of any number of reasons why a hero should and would not frequent any bulletin board dedicated to them".

I don't see Timmy as a major logger onner of any kind, anyway, do you?

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Postby brother abnego » Thu Jan 18, 2007 10:56

Made Of Worms wrote:
dogs999 wrote:...blimey, i thought clipping was what stopped your trouser bottoms getting stuck in your bike chain

I chopped a bit off the bottom of my trouser leg and put it in the library. That's a turn-up for the books.

I peeled a root vegetable and took it to the library...that's a turnip for the books...

Made Of Worms wrote:I don't see Timmy as a major logger onner of any kind, anyway, do you?

not if Cardiacs online diary is anything to go by...

"Timmy Smith
Entry 1. We’ve got to play live on the bloody radio set on Saturday. How we gonna do that then.
Kavus Torabi
Entry 1. Tim’s got a computer! I didn’t know that! Who gave him that?!! I saw him in his room swearing at it and hitting the top of it! What’s he going to do with that and how long as he had it? He won’t be able to use it! He’s useless!"