Underated tracks

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Re: Underated tracks

Postby North Sea Radio SOS » Sun Feb 05, 2012 13:44

Would "Shaping the River", "Lily White's Party" & "Christ Alive" be considered underrated at all ?

All three of those songs take me away to places i never want to come back from :D . Shaping's piano is so melancholy and haunting. Party is very dreamlike, almost in slow motion, like one of those dreams where you find yourself unable to make your legs work properly. And Christ Alive is, frankly, terrifying. That pitch harmonizer on the vocals is something special. Whenever Tim uses that in songs, i always imagine a little girl with him, that is inherently evil and dangerous. Someone to avoid at all costs. Go figure ! :?
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Re: Underated tracks

Postby abade » Wed Jan 09, 2013 17:11

Over and over and over and over - kinda strange it didn't even make the Garage concerts cut
Hello Mr Minnow
Dinner Time
Baloon for Bertie's Party
A Game for Bertie's party
Pip as Uncle Dick
Gloomy News
A Time for Rejoicing
Dead Mouse
Piffol tracks + TVTV
A Wooden Fish on Wheels
Hope Day
Goodbye Grace
Sang All Away Away
Faster than Snakes
There's Good Cud
Winds and Rains is Cold
Clean that Evil Mud
Song of a Dead Pest

Ideal - not really such an "underrated track", but it's kinda strange it has never featured on an album. Same for Ditzy Scene, although there's probably a fair chance it was supposed to feature on LSD.

Technically not "Cardiacs" tracks, but feeling like they should be included too:

Up in Annie's Room
Dog eat Spine
On the Dry Land
Dream Dress
This Grounds Town
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Re: Underated tracks

Postby hello_mr_sparrow » Sun Mar 08, 2015 06:25

Plane Plane Against The Grain is one i can't stop re-playing when going through the fabulous "Song For Ships.." album. simply incredible, the keyboard / vocal melody just pleases my brain down to the quantum froth level.

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Re: Underated tracks

Postby Lachimo » Sun Aug 23, 2015 05:20

Their Shop Music tracks.
Those always put me on such a great mood!
Love the silliness of the tracks too.

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Re: Underated tracks

Postby drterror666 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:49

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