NEWS FLASH - E-mail from ABC !

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NEWS FLASH - E-mail from ABC !

Postby Alternate BC » Thu Jul 20, 2006 20:14


THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN announce the grave news that Cardiacs will NOT be touring the UK this autumn.

Horrified by the unorthodox approach to "writing" new material, and shocked into a ‘deathlike silence’ over the ridiculous nature of the material that has actually been committed to tape, Cardiacs have been temporarily banished from the public forum.

Cardiacs HAVE been ordered to continue working impractical hours on a number of "Long Player" recordings, and have taken it upon themselves to forgo public appearances, and daylight.

Being ‘the caring concern’ and in these "cyber-savvy" days the "Interactive Concern", THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN are opening a corridor of choice to YOU, the faithful.

Would YOU really like to see Cardiacs, resplendent in the live arena?
Glowing like Fireflies and Shining like The Sea? Would YOU pay YOUR money to watch your favorite group trawl through more than likely a similar set of tunes they have performed over their long "career" at The Astoria Theatre in London this November?

Or would you prefer they hide their stinking dishonesty in the shadows till no more can they stand it?

THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN is giving YOU one extra opportunity before YOU cast the fateful die.....

Perhaps you would email us and request just what songs you would have our blessed cohorts perform.

THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN wants YOU, yes YOU and RIGHT NOW to email in order to let us know whether YOU want to watch Cardiacs perform in November?

Time may well be an illusion, but haste is also a necessity.

Yes or No.

YOU decide.