T-Shirts Available...

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T-Shirts Available...

Postby Pet Lamb » Wed Dec 20, 2006 13:00


We have a handful of Cardiacs short sleeve T shirts in stock with
your fave little man and house logo on them but the shirts are a sexy
GREY and the print is as BLACK as hats.

Available in medium, large and ex large.

How about that then.

(please note that they are NOT the 'one off' Astoria 2006 shirts)

It’s easy to order from www.cardiacs.com

Simply go as if to order the usual black logo T shirt in your size
and make sure that you add “iN GREY IF YOU PLEASE” in the note to
seller bit you get on the paypal form... or something.

They wont be around for long so get ordering in time for Xmas.


Be good

Mary x

Pet Lamb: You won't actually get these in time for Christmas as the last date for posting from the UK has been and gone...but you can cheer yourself up in January by receiving a lovely t-shirt through the post...!! :D

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Postby frostbyte » Wed Dec 20, 2006 20:12

[Forwarded on behalf of Mary. Please send any correspondence to
mary@cardiacs.com not me]


All the grey shirts are gone now so you can all settle down.

Be good

Mary x
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