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Postby Pet Lamb » Wed Oct 25, 2006 16:57

Winter draws in, both for the loyal and the heretic, yet there are those among us, the naysayers, the gullible, the downright suggestible that would have us believe we are currently undergoing an atmospheric shift.

We must, they claim, be wary of leaving running taps and disposing of refuse in whatever way we see fit, lest we find all our seasons smashed into one blazing “un-season”, lest our greens are scorched into ochre’s and our chilblains are consigned to the same foggy hold that houses both Bakelite and dodo.

THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN refutes this idle tommyrot and insists that by November only a fool would parade the outside still clad in his summer garment.

So, the frigid gloom descends once more and with it the sense of another year drawing to its fruitless close. Yet there are those among the loyal for whom this maudlin ghost wraps not his icy fingers about their throats with its deathgrip too tight.

Their secret? They have wisely purchased their entry tickets to see CARDIACS at the Astoria Theatre on November the 10th in advance.

Disappointment looms only too heavily for our less prudent brood, foolhardily expecting their passage from the cold streets of Charing Cross into the warm glow in the presence of their favourite group to be an easy one.

THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN can make no promise as to the availability of tickets to this event in the few days preceding it, and as always YOU are strongly advised to purchase tickets in advance.

With this warning comes resolve, (our little sweetener).

By attending early YOU will witness The Goddamn Whores, the new outfit put together by Jon Poole, featuring the glorious talents of this mighty ex-Cardiac and redoubtable colleagues Ginger and Jase Edwards of The Wildhearts and Wolfsbane repute, respectively.

Cardiacs, bending to the will of YOU, the loyal, will be performing songs that YOU requested.

Your attendance is a given.

Their mighty lungs blare out all the beauty in this world, their eyes betray sorrow, and their hands are wrought with sickness. The Girls batter YOUR heartbeat into their big bass drums.

YOU will not falter this year.