WHERE TO BUY CD's / DVD's / Vinyl / T Shirts ?

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Re: WHERE TO BUY CD's / DVD's / Vinyl / T Shirts ?

Postby ryan » Wed Aug 27, 2014 18:04

drterror666 wrote:
ryan wrote:
cactus wrote: (I think it was established that the itunes one is definitely the original version!)

Don't know about definitely, but I'm pretty sure yeah.

Yes, absolutely, definitely! Proved scientifically, no less!

More definitely than: viewtopic.php?p=88572#p88572 ?

I've only ever been able to guess based on matched iTunes files, not purchased ones. No reason to think they'd differ but...!

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Re: WHERE TO BUY CD's / DVD's / Vinyl / T Shirts ?

Postby CaseyChristopher » Sat Sep 13, 2014 04:52

New seasonal shirts posted to TIm's Facebook. :D

Two weeks ago I ordered a whole bunch of discs and two shirts.