Best wishes to Mr. Smith and Cardiacs

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Best wishes to Mr. Smith and Cardiacs

Postby Me and all my family » Wed Dec 26, 2012 14:00


For a while I've been thinking about writing a card to Mr. Smith, I've sent a mail to Cardiacs website but got no reply. Is there anyone here who could deliver it to Mr. Smith on my behalf?
I could send it to you; I live in Belgium, but that doesn't matter for that matter. What matters is that it's shitty not being able to send a letter to someone who has conquered that special place in your heart with his wonderful "just tunes".

Also, how is Mr. Smith anyway? I heard he was half paralysed. It's no excuse, really, with one hand still working he could still be writing music right. So is there more or has he quit altogether? This ignorance truly isn't bliss.

Anyway complaints are not why I wish to write Mr. Smith.

A few words that hopefully will lighten his heart is what my heart and pen crave to produce.

That, also, is all I ask. I hope I can count on someone.

Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year to all.